The One Page Strategic Plan® (aka OGSP®)

“A Suite of One Page Solutions®” custom fit to the organization and the business situation at hand.  The work group is the top management team for the organization, who are responsible for overall strategic direction of the organization. “The process involves an initial strategic assessment, 2-3 work sessions with strategic mapping homework in between each session, over an 8-10 week time span.”.

OGSP® Overview

OGSP® Deliverables

  • An actionable strategic plan on one page – OGSP®: Objective, Goals, Strategies, Plans.
  • Won’t Do List® to clearly outline work to Stop, Hold or Limit.
  • Critical path detail for each OGSP® page Plan.
  • OGSP Scorecard® to teach progress of all desired outcomes.
  • Resources & Barriers analysis to align capability with commitments.
  • Assessment of “relative priority” across all key projects.
  • Deployment plan – initial and on-going.
  • Periodic Review and annual renewal of the strategic plan.
  • Training of an Internal OGSP® Process owner

Performance management and Data Analytics: A framework for the public sector

Tracking and Measuring What Matters

  • Improved quality of customer service and reduced turnaround times
  • Direct cost reductions and cost avoidance
  • Revenue enhancements,
  • Goodwill.

Outcomes and Results

  • Facilitate transparency and accountability.
  • Understand government operations.
  • Solve problems creatively and strategically.
  • Optimize performance.
  • Find opportunities for improvement.
  • Nurture enterprise-wide collaboration.

MMG can advise and facilitate on the establishment of a turn-key performance management and data analytics function. Elements of a comprehensive approach:

  • One Page Strategic Plan®
  • Performance Budgeting (strategic investment)
  • Performance Management Agreements (mutual leadership accountability)
  • Innovation Laboratory (optimizing process efficiency and effectiveness through collaboration)
  • CityStat Capability (driving desired performance and results)
  • Open Data and Data Visualization Capability and Optimization